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For farms

We enter into feedstock supply contracts with farmers that have manure and waste grass available and locate in the vicinity of our plants.

By joining the biogas production, farmers gain multiple benefits.

  1. More efficient fertilizer. Processing manure in a biogas plant increases the amount of soluble nitrogen hence giving better fertilization effect. Increased soluble nutrient content leads to instant yield impact after fertilizer application. The biomanure is also in more liquid form which means that nutrients penetrate the soil better and leads to faster access to plants roots.
  2. Cost saving potential. Further processing manure allows to reduce purchases of artificial fertilizers as the nitrogen of biofertilizer is in more available form.
  3. The operating model can also reduce manure spreading costs since biofertilizer is more homogenous and liquid than raw slurry manure. This leads to faster application and less equipment blockages.
  4. Logistical benefits. When economically feasible, we can transport the fertilizer directly to the farm’s intermediate storages close to the fields on behalf of the farmer. This partly allows the farm to obtain more farmland even if the farmland is further away from the famr center.
  5. Almost odorless manure application. The fertilizer produced by us has less odors than raw manure.
  6. Potential for development and growth of own farming operations. We provide a solution for handling manure and create a profitable model to join.
  7. Less weed in the crops. Biogas process mitigates the amount of weedseeds in the manure.
  8. All biomasses in one biofertilizer. Biogas plant mixes all biomasses into one liquid fraction. No more need for solid manure spreading equipment as everything can be applied in one liquid biofertilizer.

If you are interested to join our project as a feedstock provider, please contact us via lantakaasu[at]