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Suomen Lantakaasu

We turn manure and waste into circular economy products. Our goal is to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of transportation and food production. In the process, we improve the operating conditions of farms.

This we do by producing 1 TWh of liquified biogas for heavy-duty transportation. It corresponds to roughly 100 million liters of diesel.

As a joint venture of energy company St1 and food company Valio, we possess the full value chain knowledge of manure-based biogas all the way from the barn to distribution.

Biogas, fertilizers and future products

Biogas is a renewable fuel with significant climate benefits. It is produced by the decomposition of organic matter in oxygen-free conditions. Biogas consists of biomethane and bio-CO2, in addition to which the process produces a circular fertilizer.

Biogas is an excellent fuel for transportation with functional characteristics similar to natural gas. Compressed biogas (CBG) is suitable for passenger cars and light duty trucks, while liquefied biogas (LBG) functions well as a fuel in heavy-duty transportation. LBG has also great potential in maritime and industrial applications.

Further, the biogas process produces fertilizers that enable the circulation of nutrients. In the future, we are also likely to see the recovery, storage, and utilization of bio-CO2 – for example, as a raw material for synthetic fuels.

From manure…… to transportation fuel
In Finland, around 14 million tons of manure is born in agriculture a year, and even more agricultural biomasses. Roughly half of the manure comes from farms that form the cooperatives that own food company Valio.

Around 4 TWh of biomethane could be produced from the manure in Finland, which would be enough for the annual fuel needs of at least 8 000 heavy-duty trucks.

Suomen Lantakaasu targets 1 TWh production by 2030.
Liquified biogas use is ideal in Nordic logistics. This is due to long driving distances, around the clock operations as well as larger than average truck measures and masses.

Starting from 2022, biomethane is part of the national biofuel blending obligation in Finland. This obligation further strengthens the demand for biomethane as a transportation fuel in Finland.

The biogas produced by Suomen Lantakaasu is distributed through St1’s fueling network.

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